Southern Graceland

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Quality Statement



Graceland Portable Buildings® is committed to providing the highest quality product, the most enjoyable purchase experience, and service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our product is built by highly skilled craftsmen using only the best materials available to provide a product with the greatest integrity.


Graceland Portable Buildings® are designed and built to meet the highest building standards and meet all required state and federal specifications. This includes ensuring that we meet or exceed any relevant industry-specific regulations or standards.


Graceland operates a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality. Our QMS is accredited; and a copy of the certifications {State Specific }.


Architectural Drawings are available upon request. Our Plant Manager’s and Quality Control Personnel will take responsibility for ensuring effective quality management on each building we construct.


It is our desire that the purchase of a Graceland Portable Building®, not only provides a place of cost effective and convenient storage, it also enhances the landscape and adds real value to your property for years to come.


When the “G” is placed on our building, it is recognized across the country as a symbol of quality craftsmanship and design. From our patented soffit-vent to our custom G-Board, Graceland Portable Buildings® set the standard for excellence.


To find Proven Quality, look for the “G”!


Greg French,
Chief Executive Officer