Southern Graceland

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10 Reasons Why


    [1] Graceland uses only the finest building materials. Our building’s craftsmanship is well-established with authentic Mennonite methods. 
    [2] Graceland uses 2×6 floor joists rather than 2×4 and makes the building more DURABLE and STRONG. This wood is treated to resist termites and decay. 
    [3] Graceland’s walls, floors and 4×6 runners are all constructed of top quality lumber and the nails are hot dipped galvanized ring shank. They hold like screws and will not rust. 
    [4] Graceland’s walls and floors are 5/8” thick. Compare to our competition at 7/16” or 1/2”. 
    [5] Graceland’s metal roofs are fastened to wood decking and screwed down solid, not on 1×4 wood slats. This makes the roof much more durable. 
    [6] Graceland’s metal roof comes with a continuous ridge vent, designed with a screen to keep out pests (bugs, bees, etc.). 
    [7] Graceland buildings also come with our patented “Continuous Soffit” vent under each eave. This is a “Graceland Exclusive”. This keeps our buildings 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer. 
    [8] Graceland buildings are designed to meet or exceed IBC (International Building Code) regulations for portable storage buildings. 
    [9] Graceland buildings have the strongest warranties in the business. All shingle and metal roof products have a 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. All treated wood products have a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, and Graceland offers a 7 year warranty on workmanship. 
    [10] Graceland also offers the best RENT-TO OWN / LEASE-TO-OWN program in the business. “NO CREDIT CHECK”. FREE DELIVERY & SETUP – Call dealer for details.
FREE DELIVERY & SETUP – Call dealer for details.
* Rent to Own not available for Oklahoma (Lease to Own only)